Wrap Bracelet Care & Instructions


C.Dahl wrap bracelets are handmade using quality, ethically sourced materials: Genuine Leather Cord, Thread, Beads and Clasp.

When you receive your bracelet, first try it on by wrapping it around your wrist until it fits comfortably. Next, clasp the button into the loop that you feel fits your wrist best. Extra loops may be cut off with a sharp pair of scissors. If you like to stack/layer your bracelets, like we do, please make sure that you keep an extra loop for future adjustment and while you are not using the extra loop(s) you can tuck them under your bracelet while wearing.

Below is a photo example of how to cut the extra loops off. Make sure to not cut too close to a knot.

 C A R E :

The materials on these bracelets will benefit from careful protection. Jewelry should always be last on and first off. Avoid any contact with water or other liquids that may cause discoloration. Be sure to store jewelry away from direct sunlight & moisture in a safe, dry place. Bracelets may slightly change color over time with wear. If your clasp on your bracelet begins to tarnish, simply take a slightly damp paper towel and wipe the area off, this may help. The clasp may permanently tarnish if it gets wet, so try to be extra careful.  If the leather or beads on your wrap bracelet need cleaning, simply spot clean where needed with a damp cloth.

 If you have any additional questions regarding your bracelet or jewelry purchase, please feel free to email us!
✉ cami@shopcdahl.com


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