20 things to help get you through quarantine

what to do during the quarantine


A few things that have helped me so far... 


  1. The Nespresso Vertuo They make the best tasting coffees in just the push of a button. I've also been loving their espresso and frother to make lattes (+ i've been working on my latte art skills... youtube has some great tutorials).
  2. This neutral day planner from Wilde House Paper to help structure my days out and keep a sense of normalcy.
  3. Melissa Wood Health workouts to keep me fit, sane and keeping that cortisol down. She has such a calming energy that always puts me in a better mood + she also has guided meditations if you're into that.  Also these bala bangles and bands are great to combine with her workouts. 
  4. Deck of cards –  sometimes it’s the simple things that can be so fun. Go fish? Blackjack? War anyone?
  5. Read a book – What better time is there to get immersed into an interesting book while lounging at home? Feeling social? Start a bookclub!
  6. Houseparty app - Stay in touch with friends and family virtually and play interactive games together from the app.
  7. Skillshare MasterClass – These are great sources for learning! They have been so helpful for me in sharpening up skills such as graphic design, photography, culinary arts etc.
  8. Speaking of skills - Need to freshen up on your makeup application techniques? My friend Desireé at Hustle + Glow is offering private virtual makeup lessons that you will love! Check out her Blog and Instagram if you’re interested.
  9. Feel like dancing? Apps like Tiktok and Sway have become more popular lately if you need some entertainment or like keeping up with the times. Tiktok also has some great recipe ideas ... check out the #cooking & #whippedcoffee hastags and thank me later.
  • Closet clearout – I've been going through old clothes and selling some on Poshmark to make a little extra money + donating other items that are no longer my style or of use.
  • Beauty product clear out – Getting rid of expired or unused products and re-displaying all of the pretty bottles always makes me feel good.
  • Baking – Know of a recipe that you have been wanting to try for months? Now is the perfect time!
  • Online shopping – Even though we are going through a pandemic I still love supporting other small businesses… Need some new loungewear or active wear checkout Tan Lines by blogger Sivan Ayla.  Looking for Basics? Shop Belen or Clyque. Want natural hand poured candles to keep the house smelling good? Craft + Foster. Women owned small business skincare brands? Summer Fridays and Roses n Rosé are a few of my favorites (love this liquid filler!) Looking for handmade jewelry to keep you sparkling? Look no further! C.Dahl.
  • Want to keep your skin looking flawless? Do a face mask with your partner, roomie or virtually with your friends. One of my favs here. Also if you’re missing your facialist, these exfoliating face pads by Dr. Dennis Gross are amazing and keep your skin feeling baby fresh.
  • Order takeout! So many restaurants are struggling right now and they are still offering takeout or delivery! Have an Italian night and order from your fav Italian restaurant while pairing it with a good red wine, Aperol spritz or Pellegrino.
  • Love music and miss concerts? Check out Tidal - download the app onto itunes from your TV and stream concerts and your favorite music! Lately I’ve been into the livestreams and also having a Kaskade moment with dance parties.
  • Feeling like sitting on the couch yet being productive? Go through your phone pics and get rid of doubles or pics that need to be deleted. Same with your email – clear out the spam and unnecessary emails. So simple and it makes you feel so much lighter afterwards.
  • Want to escape reality? Lately my husband and I have been playing videos games – Specifically the Disneyland Adventures game on xbox. You feel like you are actually in the park because the game layout mimics the real Disneyland Anaheim park. You can play games and do fun little missions. It's great for kids but my husband and I play just us two and have so much fun! Another fun game we love is Mario party on Nintendo Switch.
  • Also been loving podcasts lately! They are so great for when you need that extra motivation boost, feel like learning or when you are home alone and need company. My favorites are Ed Mylett, The Skinny Confidential, The Plant proof, The Wolf's Den and Ladygang.
  • Go for a walk and get that sun on your skin! Vitamin D is known to help with depression and also great for boosting your immune system.


Hope some of these help keep you sane!

If you have any tips not mentioned here that have helped you please let me know below!

 Stay safe and just know that this won't last forever. 




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