How To Keep Necklaces From Tangling

Do your layered necklaces constantly get tangled? 

You have the perfect combination of dainty layered necklaces and they go so well together, but they constantly tangle up and wrap around each other?

Super frustrating right?!

We have a solution!

You can layer up to three necklaces on the clasp without them tangling throughout the day/night (If you are extra adventurous you can even add a few more necklaces) -  Total game changer!


Simply attach each necklace's clasp to the circles on the Tangle Free Clasp - making sure that any statements/jewels or gems are facing forward

and then do the opposite on the other side. 

and lastly just slide the two tubes together around your neck and your tangle-free wishes will come true! 




or Check out the tangle free layering clasp here




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This is genius!!

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