W H E R E ∙ C A N ∙ I ∙ P U R C H A S E ∙ C D A H L ∙ J E W E L R Y ?

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W H A T ∙ M A T E R I A L S ∙ A R E ∙ Y O U R ∙ P I E C E S ∙ M A D E ∙ O F ?

Materials are listed in the product description. We use only high quality, ethically sourced materials.

W H A T ∙ E X A C T L Y ∙ I S ∙ 1 4 K ∙ G O L D ∙ F I L L ?
14k gold fill is a beautiful more affordable alternative to solid gold as it is a genuine layer of gold permanently bonded onto base metal with heat and pressure. Gold-filled jewelry contains significantly more gold than gold-plated jewelry. It has a very similar appearance to solid gold jewelry, and it's a fraction of the price. Gold-filled jewelry is also durable and will not flake, peel, or wear off. It can be worn by people with sensitive skin, and the finish can last a lifetime if properly cared for. If your 14k gold fill jewelry begins to looked tarnished, it is likely from the oils on your skin. Just like sterling silver jewelry, it needs to be polished. To brighten up your jewelry, simply wash your 14k gold filled jewelry in warm water with a gentle soap and dry thoroughly. Surfaces may be polished with the small yellow 'Sunshine Brand' polishing cloth that comes with your purchase.


D O ∙ Y O U ∙ A C C E P T ∙ C U S T O M ∙ O R D E R S ?

Yes, there are certain pieces we can customize and we will do our best to accommodate your request. Please email us to chat further cami@shopcdahl.com 


C A N  C A N C E L  O R  C H A N G E  M Y  O R D E R ?

Unfortunately once you place your order it cannot be changed. All orders are handmade once you order, so it is unlikely for us to cancel/change an order, but in some cases we can, just email us and we will be sure to help you out. Please make sure you spend some time browsing and reading the item descriptions before purchasing.


W I L L  Y O U  E M A I L  M E  O N C E  M Y  O R D E R  H A S  S H I P P E D ?

You will get a confirmation email when you place your order, and another when your order is on it's way. 


C A N  S H O W E R  W I T H  M Y  J E W E L R Y  O N ?

Due to the delicate handmade nature of our products we do not recommend showering or swimming with your jewelry on to prolong the life of it. Jewelry should always be last on and first off. We highly recommend that you follow the jewelry care tips that come with your order.

[ 14K Gold Filled Jewelry & Sterling Silver only - If you happen to forget to take off your necklace in the shower, be sure to rinse any soap or product off and gently pat dry thoroughly, your necklace won't be ruined if it gets wet. Just don't forget about your polishing cloth that comes with your purchase ;) ]


I S ∙ M Y ∙ P E R S O N A L ∙ I N F O R M A T I O N ∙ A T ∙ C H E C K O U T ∙ S A F E ?

Yes, your personal information and payment is strictly confidential and only used for the transaction and shipping. No need to worry. :)


Please email us:




◇ Jewelry should always be last on & first off.

◇ Apply lotion, make-up, hair spray, and perfume prior to putting on your jewelry.

◇ Avoid wearing jewelry in the shower, ocean, swimming pools, natural hot springs, etc.

◇ Jewelry should be stored separately from other jewelry to prevent scratches.

◇ After each wear, gently wipe off makeup and oils with a soft jewelry cloth and store in a jewelry box or pouch.

◇ Do not store jewelry in temperatures with excessive heat or cold.

◇ Store jewelry away from direct sunlight since the sun may fade some gemstones.

◇ Natural stones are delicate. Please wear with care.

◇ Protect jewelry from abrasive materials, sharp blows, chemicals, extreme temperatures.

◇ Remove jewelry when doing household tasks and/or other strenuous activities.

◇ Do not wear jewelry to bed this will prevent bending, or breaking; either way, it's uncomfortable .