Why you should not wear jewelry to a facial

Reasons to not wear jewelry to your facial appointment



 We're all about wearing jewelry 24/7 but there are certain times when it's best to leave the jewelry in the jewelry box. 

Wearing metals during a facial is not a good idea for many reasons. We spoke with Chanté over at Roses n Rosé skincare to go over some specifics.

  1. Wearing metals while getting your face steamed isn’t a good idea. The steamer that they use at the beginning of the facial can heat up the metal and due to that, the metal can occasionally burn you if you have sensitive skin. (not good!) 
  1. The moisture from the steam can tarnish or wear down your jewelry depending on the metal and finish.
  1. Also another good reminder if you have sensitive skin - if the jewelry is plated or you have sensitivities to certain metals please keep in mind when plated jewelry tarnishes it can sometimes expose the underlying metal and if you have sensitivities to brass, nickel or another base metal it’s not recommended to wear jewelry during a facial. (C.Dahl jewelry does not contain nickel.)
  1. Your esthetician will appreciate it if you have no necklaces, bracelets, rings or body jewelry on during your appointment especially if they include a massage in your service. Regardless, the chemicals from the oils, serums, exfoliants, moisturizers and other products used during the facial can damage the jewelry and can leave a remanence in the crevices of your jewelry which is just gross.

Bottom line, if you want to prolong the life of your jewelry, prevent burn risk, skin sensitivities and possible jewelry loss – keep the jewels at home.

Those of you who currently wear jewelry to your facial appointments, will you continue? Do you like these types of posts? Let us know your comments below.

This blog post is in collaboration with Roses n Rosé  @rosesnroseco

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